Thursday, March 25, 2010

A GSoC project idea around the Resource Description Framework

I just added an entry to the Google Summer of Code 2010 Ideas wiki page:
    Resource Description Framework (RDF) is ~10 year old W3C standard. Uptake is taking off now, and it would be nice to see a Eclipse project like the Web Tools Package to provide basic RDF related functionality. This would include bundles for RDF libraries (Jena or OpenSesame) and editors for Notation3 and RDF/XML, and perhaps support for a catalog of common ontologies (RDF, RDFS, OWL, DublinCore, FOAF, ...). It could also include a Zest-based RDF graph viewer, SPARQL query editor, etc. There is existing code, for example, developed by the Bioclipse team using Jena, or the older Tripclipse. There also exist commercial offerings stressing the relevance of the RDF platform, such as Semantic Toolkit and the popular TopBraid.
For Bioclipse we have set up bundles for Jena in the bioclipse.rdf git repository, but I am sure they need some improvement. Yet, they might serve as a starting point.

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