Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eclipse-Spring Export problem: uses conflict for spring aop

And I just got around to grasping some more of the details of handling dependencies with plugins. Bioclipse has a product file, which uses features to run it. That works fine. It also uses Spring (version 1.0.2 in our case) in a set up where we use custom managers to do stuff, like run things from a JavaScript environment (e.g. this), but use the same methods to be run from Bioclipse GUI elements, like buttons, menus and wizards. The Spring framework ensures the proper thread is used, and also provide recording (thanx to Jonathan for doing all this).

However, a recent refactoring broke exporting Bioclipse (which introduces a new plugin net.bioclipse.managers), It still runs fine from within Eclipse, but the exporting fails with this error:

Last night, I tried many things, on top of what Jonathan has been trying for the last few days. Using git bisect I pinpointed the exact commit that caused it to fail (which is the earlier linked revision 10373), but could not find where we are actually referring to multiple Spring bundles. Our Spring bundles are in these jars and that has worked for a very long time.

I have no clue why it finds this conflict, and am clueless on how to further debug the issue. Any comment is most welcome! No matter how insignificant it may seem, I am sort of stuck and any tip will likely allow me to move forward. Thanx!

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